Baker Boy Commission-

One of my recurring customers asked me to make her an everyday  hat something to fit her personality, and something that would suit her style.

                Initially I get to know the client, what colours they wear,  what’s a typical outfit for them, What kind of decoration they like. Then I come up with initial sketches and show them to the customer . If they like the sketches I go ahead with the making process.
P1090298                                          P1000943

                The hat I designed was inspired by the 1960’s baker boy style. I wanted to use purples and creams with a floral print. I didn’t want the floral fabric to look too fussy so I decided to only make too panels in the floral fabric and then add a little floral feature on the side of the hat.

                Colours decided, I then had to work out a paper pattern for the hat. I looked at different vintage baker boy patterns and adjusted them to fit my hat. This hat was more like dress making then millinery. Luckily I’ve had plenty of practice in dress making! I then made a mock up hat so I could work out the exact sizing and how much fabric I needed.  For most hats I make in sinamay and felt,  I don’t make a mock up or pattern as the hat is sculpted on a block and is a hard hat as oppose to a soft hat witch this commission was.

                After sourcing the fabric I beguine on the final hat itself. It was definitely a tricky commission but I really enjoyed the challenge. The hat turned out fabulous and suited my customer perfectly.  I even worked in some decorative lining just to add to the cuteness of this piece.

                A commissioned hat, is made by N.Joy.Millinery to the specific criteria of a client a one off tailored to the individual customer. For A commission please email N.Joy.Millinery.